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  def 猎物 tokenize_and_stem(self,text):

  # 内力 象牙 first tokenize 枪支 by sentence, 栗色 then by word to 牙签 ensure that 哨子 punctuation is 土人 caught as it's 高足 own token

  至亲tokens=[word 枪口 for sent in 趋向 nltk.sent_tokenize(text) 前年 for 喜气 word in 物议 nltk.word_tokenize(sent)]

  print 礌石 恶名 tokens

  filtered_tokens 笑貌 = [老脸]

  # filter 晌觉 out any tokens 侧枝 not containing 贤路 letters (e.g., 崦嵫 numeric 合称 tokens, raw 南味 punctuation)

  for 野骆驼 token in 跳跃器 tokens:

  if 急口令'[a-zA-Z]', 五里雾 大动脉token):

 直流电  filtered_tokens.append(token)

  stems 军嫂 =[网胃stemmer.stem(t) 邮局 for t in 反对党 filtered_tokens]


  print 俱乐部 stems